University of Salzburg | Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS
Schillerstraße 30 | 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Portrait of Stefan Lang

Dr. Stefan Lang

Research Group Head | Assoc. Prof. | Project acquisition & coordination | University lecturer

Research interests: object-based image analysis (OBIA) | systems thinking | multi-scale and multi-dimensional spatial analysis | policy and decision support
Portrait of Dirk Tiede

Dr. Dirk Tiede

Research Group Head | Assistant Professor | Project Management & Development

Research interests: object-based image analysis | spatial analysis | GIS-programming and -modelling | remote sensing | landscape structure analysis
Portrait of Lorena Abad

Lorena Abad


Research interests: remote sensing | spatio-temporal analysis | GIS programming | natural hazards | big Earth data | statistical analysis
Portrait of Florian Albrecht

Florian Albrecht

Researcher | Lecturer

Research interests: remote sensing | GIS | 3D geospatial analysis | user requirements analysis | urban planning | aviation | landslides
Portrait of Ahmad Alobaidi

Ahmad Alobaidi


Research interests: remote sensing | refugees and humanitarian action | refugee camp analysis | IDP movement patterns | geospatial social media analysis
Portrait of Hannah Augustin

Hannah Augustin

Researcher | Lecturer

Research interests: big Earth data | geospatial data cubes | remote sensing | open-source solutions | reproducible research | land-use/land cover change | food security | social justice
Portrait of Petra Fuereder

Petra Füreder

Researcher | Lecturer

Research interests: humanitarian action | emergency response | refugee/IDP camp mapping | object-based image analysis | remote sensing | spatial analysis | cartography
Portrait of Omid Ghorbanzadeh

Omid Ghorbanzadeh


Research interests: object-based image analysis | refugee/IDP camp mapping | machine learning
Portrait of Daniel Hoelbling

Daniel Hölbling

Researcher | Project manager

Research interests: object-based image analysis | remote sensing | GIS | landslides | natural hazards | human security | Land Use / Land Cover (LULC) | geomorphology
Portrait of Peter Jeremias

Peter Jeremias


Research interests: GIS programming | spatial modelling | spatial data management
Portrait of Barbara Riedler

Barbara Riedler

Researcher | Lecturer

Research interests: landscape ecology and structural analysis | habitat quality assessment | ecosystem and biodiversity monitoring | spatial composite indicators
Portrait of Jakob Schmollgruber

Jakob Schmollgruber


Research interests: machine learning (neural networks) | autonomous vehicles | statistics | optimization problems
Portrait of Gina Maricela Schwendemann

Gina Maricela Schwendemann


Research interests: humanitarian action | emergency response | remote sensing | geospatial survey and analysis | object-based image analysis | Land Use / Land Cover change (LULC)
Portrait of Thomas Strasser

Thomas Strasser


Research interests: landscape ecology | habitat mapping | geomorphometry | remote sensing | object-based image analysis
Portrait of Martin Sudmanns

Martin Sudmanns

Researcher | Lecturer

Research interests: spatial and temporal analysis | geospatial data cubes | object-based image analysis | big Earth data | spatial artificial intelligence and inference | information management and expert systems | spatial concepts for computer science
Portrait of Lorenz Wendt

Dr. Lorenz Wendt


Research interests: applications of remote sensing for humanitarian and development actors | geology | Land Use / Land Cover (LULC) | spatial analysis
Portrait of Christian Werner

Christian Werner


Research interests: sustainable mobility | geo-application development | geospatial data cubes | user interface design | interactive media
Portrait of Lucas van der Meer

Lucas van der Meer


Research interests: spatial and temporal data analysis | spatial statistics | big earth observation data | sustainable mobility | open-source software | reproducible research